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Centretrac selects only the best quality timbers and laminates. Nature has hundreds of different types of wood, and to process them correctly, the manufacturer must know the characteristics of each one. There are precise tolerances that must be respected meticulously to create accuracy and longevity in gun stocks. As such, all timber products have been obtained from trusted ethical suppliers who specialise in procuring their products locally and sustainably.

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Centretrac routinely observes the market, making us aware of new trends, always offering new products and innovations. We constantly test our products on the rifle range before we release them to the market, working in parallel with Australia’s top target shooters to beta test our rifle stocks. Furthermore, our wide range of models and products are manufactured using top-quality and modern finishes to ensure that you are receiving only the most current and individualised designs.


Smart manufacturing manipulates processes based on the principles of automation, interconnectivity, machine learning, and real-time data. These aspects make Centretrac more flexible during production and design phases, allowing for the production of goods in small lots and individual products, completing production depending on the market trend and consumers’ requirements. Additionally, in the traditional world of competitive target rifle shooting, Centertrac ensures that time-honoured hand-crafted skills are applied in conjunction with modern technical processes.

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